Presenting Companies

Presenting Companies

The Venture5i selects 20-25 technology companies that offer innovation combined with great market potential.
The Selection Committee aims at helping the presenting to accelerate their growth and global reach.
Only these 20-25 companies are invited to introduce their company in front of the selected audience composed of recognized experts and investors interested in Europe.
Special focus is on early stage (pre-revenue, early Series) startups. However, some more mature companies will be selected, under the full authority of the Selection Committee.



  • Media & Advertising
  • Data and Big data
  • Computer & Software
  • Applications
  • Electronics & Processing
  • Telecoms

Life science

  • Drugs (Pharma & Bio)
  • Healthcare services
  • MedTech
  • Diagnostics
  • Others

Clean technologies

  • Energy (generation, storage, transmission, controls, efficiency & Clean Fuels)
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Water, Air, Carbon & Environment
  • Agriculture & Nutrition
  • Recycling and Waste Treatment, Materials & Industrials
  • Others


The call for applications for 2020 is closed.

Our secure online form is required, providing an Executive Summary and a Powerpoint presentation for the investors. Videos can also be uploaded.
Submit your application to present at Venture 5i by the 19th of August. The final confirmation will be given at the beginning of September at the latest, to allow time for you organize your trip and finalize your presentation to maximize the benefits of attending the event.
If you are selected to present, and with the support of one of your current investor, you will benefit from a unique networking opportunity with the respected experts, active investors of various types, as well as unique media coverage.
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) will not be signed with applicants. However all information is considered as sensitive. The Selection Committee members alone have access to your data. They all have experience, ethics and a strong professional reputation.

Should you need any help in the meantime,
please feel free to contact us at: