Selection Committee

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is composed with a highly-regarded group of investors and professionals. They are all experienced with expertise in the related industries, such as investors, researchers or industry experts.

The Selection Committee is responsible for evaluating and selecting the companies that will be reviewed and offered to present during the event.

The Selection Committee of the Venture 2018 is under construction.


Dieter Kraft

Trumpf Venture GmbH - DE


André Meyer

Grenoble Angels - FR

Benjamin Wainstain

Demeter Partners – FR Demeter Partners – FR

Cédric Favier

Seventure Partners - FR

Célia Hart

Supernova Invest – FR Supernova Invest – FR

Diego Braguglia

VI Partners - CH VI Partners - CH

François Miceli

Sofimac Partners - FR

François-Xavier Dedde

Omnes Capital – FR Omnes Capital – FR

Jean-Philippe Gendre

Emertec - FR

Mathieu Viallard

Axeleo Capital - FR

Matthieu Repellin

Airbus Ventures – FR/US Airbus Ventures – FR/US

Maximilien Bacot

Breega Capital – FR Breega Capital – FR

Nicolas Boulay

ISource Gestion - FR

Romain Vidal

Cap Horn Invest – FR Cap Horn Invest – FR

Sébastien Touvron

Kreaxi – FR Kreaxi – FR